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A few days ago Google sent me email, notifying me that they have disabled my Google Adsense ad serving on this website. They said my website is not currently in compliance with their AdSense program policies, which is Hacking / Cracking content.

I can’t understand, i have NO hacking / cracking content on this site. I only posted something related to Linux or Programming, and sometimes any jokes or simple articles, but NOT hacking or cracking.
I already run this website since 2006. Have no posting since 2010, and my last post is last month about Olympic 2012 Youtube channel.
Then suddenly on August 15th, Google sent me email that i have hacking / cracking content, When my unpaid earnings reached $93.58!

How’s that possible?
If i have a hacking content, why they email me now? why not alert me on 2010 after my last post? or months before when i posted many articles. Or maybe posting their own Youtube channel is prohibited?? and they called it a hacking??

I already sent an appeal request regarding this issue, and asked them to tell me which of my post contain any hacking / cracking content. But they replied that my site is still in violation, without describing any further detail which one!

So, to resolve this i deleted many of my posts which has the lowest page view, and leave the highest rated posts.

If Google still think that i still have a violation content, well.. i don’t have any clue, maybe i’ll delete my Adsense account, and never use it again!

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