Age of Empire II color issue on Windows 7

There’s a color issue with Age of Empires 2 on Windows 7. You will get a corrupted color in game. Its not a driver issue or some directx compatibility. I think its just because of the Aero theme’s poor handling of colors.

So how to fix it? simply..

  1. Change to Windows Classic Theme
  2. Open the resolution changer window (Right click on your desktop, and select “Change Resolution”)
  3. Run Age of Empire game.

Now the color problem has gone.

Sounds silly?? nope.. IT WORKS!
Believe me, it really works..

Published by Miaz Akemapa

Book minded!!!

Reader Comments

      1. Killing the explorer.exe is easier then changing the theme settings.

        Heres a solution:
        Create a batch file that will both kill the explorer.exe file and start the Game.

        After the game is ended, the explorere.exe will re-open.

        So it’s hassle free!


        taskkill /F /IM Explorer.exe
        Start explorer.exe

        Open with notepad and save as Age2Start.bat

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