Suddenly, my wordpress plugin website (, goes down today.
One of my customer informed me this.

Well, this is really unexpected and really embarassing.
New customer visiting my website will just seeing those lady with backpack and some text ads, instead of my plugin information.
And they just go away.

I contacted my provider, and finally found the problem.  We have some miss communication there, about the domain renewal.

They’re moving to new domain registrant, and migrating customer’s domain. But they didn’t informed me about due date for renewal payment. So i just paid the domain renewal, their billing dept got confirmation, but their technical support did not update my domain.
And that’s why my domain expired!

So there, after finalizing some miss things, they gave words that the domain will be back online in 1×24 hours.

And now, i just hope that i didn’t lose some prospective customers.

And for my existing customers, you can contact me via email (if you already emailed me before), or contact me here from this page:

I’m so sorry for this inconvenience.