If you are running a review website, you might think that a product comparison table is a must. There are many plugins that create a comparison table in your posts or pages. But many of them are a static table.

Komper is a wordpress plugin to create dynamic comparison table. With Komper you can display comparison table in your posts or pages dynamically by selecting the products you already created. With widget supported, you can display comparison form so user can compare any product and display the result in side-by-side table.

Komper Features:

1. Create Unlimited Product Specification Fields

Product Specification Fields

Product Specification Fields


2. Add Unlimited Products

Product List

Product List


3. Insert Comparison Table in any Posts or Pages with Shortcode




Comparison table inside post


4. Widget Support with Autocomplete

Widget with autocomplete

Widget with autocomplete


5. Display Comparison result in side-by-side table

Unlimited Product to Compare

Unlimited Product to Compare


You can get more detail on Komper plugin on their website:


Don’t forget to try before you buy:



For single license, the price is $45, and for extended license: $129.

There is also free version for this, located on WordPress plugin repository:

Please note, that the free version has limited features, as you can see on the descriptions. With free version you can only create up-to 15 product specification fields, maximum 2 product to compare, and no Shortcode supported, means you cannot insert comparison table in any posts or pages.


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